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Odd Shaped Kitchens

Stunning kitchens can be created even with awkard or odd shaped spaces. The shape of the kitchen should not be a deterrent rather a way to create a custom masterpiece!

Recently we undertook in a kitchen with the goal to increase storage, functionality and modernise the space.

From a tired and run down kitchen to a vibrant work of art.



How to increase storage

1. Make use of space

Whilst angles can be a challenge, use the space by creating custom cabinetry to suit. The cabinets were diligently designed around the angles to maximise storage. Our client had a goal to achieve storage for a bar, so we opt for glass doors to display their bottles and glassware, designed a bench that would work within the narrow space provided and added storage below.

2. Make use of Corner cabinet - Hettich Le-Man

Hate bending into the back of the corner cabinet? Don't we all! We are a huge fan of this intelligently designed corner unit "Le-Man" that requires no bending and instead pulls beautifully out towards you accessing the whole space. With a weight capacity of 25kg imagine all the items you could store in that space.

3. Deeper Drawer storage

Do you have an area with the potential for deeper storage or perhaps a small area that you would still like narrow drawers? Well the great news is there are a range of drawer runners depths perfect to suit your space. Shown in the newly completed kitchen below we customised the design by adding deeper drawers. What a great way to increase storage!

3. Create the Illusion of space

The kitchen doors, bench top and splash back play a big role in contributing to the illusion of space. This kitchen with white doors and white bench top reflects light and enchances the concept of space, while the splash back bounces light deep into the room making it appear larger.

Improving Kitchen Functionality

1. Maximise use of your cabinets - Hettich 2-Tier Cargo

We all know when it times to cook we want all the cooking essentials at our fingertips and what better way to store your spices and oils than conveniently located right next to the cooktop! In one motion (and in one glance) this pull-out drawer will provide an easy view of all your cooking essentials. And the best part? No bending required.

2. Pull-out Bin - Hettich Pull-Boy Bin

Kitchen bin. One of the most used items in your kitchen so why not have the same premium runners on that too! The buckets can easily be removable using their two handles and are plastic - lightweight and easy for cleaning.

You can say good bye to dropping scraps as you walk to your old bin, as the Hettich Pull-Boy bin can be conveniently located right next to your cooking preparation area.

3. Pantry with drawers

What good is a large pantry that is poorly designed? This cleverly designed pantry provides ample storage space, the two doors provide an easy way to view all items inside while the drawers below are made at custom heights to conveniently store any grocery item or even any small appliance .


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