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2019 Trends you need to know about!

1. Island Bench Essential to the heart of every home is a large island bench. This open plan design offers a variety of functions- ample storage options, stool space for gathering and entertaining guest and bench space for creating meals. What more could you ask for? Ticks all the boxes!

2. Pantries-

Storage to every kitchen is a necessity, and over the year many

pantry designs have come and gone, but the new 'blind pantry' is a

design that you need to know about. Beautifully, and

functionally designed the blind pantry maintains the open kitchen plan

whilst offering plentiful storage options. It is designed similar to the

corner pantry offering a platform to reach and access all items easily,

with a large door the helps view and organise your pantry just the way

you like.

3. Sophisticated Black

Darker colours, especially black has become a popular colour choice

around the home. The ultra modern and classic look isn't the

only good reason to select this colour pallet for your home, also

offering durability and fingerless print resistance technology - reducing

the need for constant care and clean wins many people over and we

can under why!

4. Hardware

While soft close hinges and runners have been vital to kitchens, the

latest trend is corner solutions that slide out. Goodbye to the days

crawling into your corner cabinets, uncomfortably removing half the

items to find the item you need - now thanks to the latest design that is

all in the past.

5. Gloss to Matte

Once upon a time, the gloss was all that we create- gloss doors,

splash back and bench top- but this year the trend has taken a full turn

to matte. We have to agree that we too are a fan of this change.

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