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5 Tips to start off your renovation in the right direction

Deciding to renovate your home is an easy decision, knowing where to start for some may not be. Here we have created a helpful guide that will to assist you through planning your Renovation, whether it be Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation or whole home makeover renovation.

1. Style of Home

There are numerous styles trending at the moment, but it is important that when deciding the style for your home the following considerations are taken into account.

Matching the style to other rooms in the house. If the remainder of your home follows a country style, then renovating a Kitchen to a contemporary design would look out of place. It is important to consider not only what you like, but also what will compliment the remainder of your home.

2. Perfect colour scheme

One of the hardest details of renovating is selecting a colour that matches everything. Following the trends of the neutral white, black and grey in a kitchen look fabulous however if you have a small area, this colour will only close the room in and make it look even smaller or over dose it with white and completely wash out the room.

Selecting the right colour for your home will make a world of difference, there are a wide range of things that need to be considered during the colour selection period including, your wall colour, what flooring material you have in that specific area, you also need to consider the natural lighting or lack of as this will impact the way the colour looks in your home compared to the way it looks in our showroom.

3. Design

When in the designing stage of the renovation we understand that you are aiming for a beautiful looking kitchen but don't be deceived by photos because without functionality you are spending money on a useless project.

It is important to understand your storage needs, the room available to you and cooking requirements. Each and every kitchen at Artistic Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations is unique and there is a personal touch to all. For some, we have created a hanging rod in the kitchen for the children to hide away their bags and jackets after school and for others its as simple as

re-arranging the layout to suit left handed people.

4. Quality Materials

Ensuring that all materials are backed with Warranty and are Australian made and owned is important. Some companies import materials from overseas meaning there is no quality standard or quality control, restricted or inadequate warranty.

Quality hardware is another key factor. The best and renowned hardware brands are Hettich and Blum, both are made in Europe with lifetime warranty. They have an intensive range of products from hinges, runners, bins, impressive cutlery trays and drawer organisers. It is highly recommended to view their range, and it goes to say without saying - you certainly will be impressed.

"The quality goes on long after the price is forgotten"

5. Renovation company has insurance

Before commencing works, confirm that the Contractor has a current Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance policy. Simply getting a “Yes I do!” from the contractor is not acceptable. You must ask the Contractor to provide you with a Certificate of Currency, which they can obtain from their insurer.

If a Contractor or his employees were to cause, or were alleged to have caused property damage or personal injury whilst carrying out work on the Owners Corporation property, this could result in a claim being brought against the Contractors, the Owners Corporation, and the individual lot owners.

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