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Hampton Kitchens

Are you currently thinking about a Kitchen Renovation in Sydney but unsure what style? Hampton Kitchen is a style that you need to consider.

Many of our clients are inquiring about Hampton Kitchens, and its no wonder why!

1. The combination of country and modern.

When clients decide to complete a Kitchen Renovation, they want a style that will still compliment their existing furniture, and a style that wont look out of place in their home. The Hampton Kitchen offers not only a timeless look, but also a welcoming and warmth vibe to your Kitchen in Sydney.

2. Modest Door design

The door designed used in the Hampton Kitchen, which is a door used in a lot of our Kitchen Renovations is called "Shaker Door". The Shaker door is a simple yet stunning door that adds a country yet modern twist to your kitchen renovation. It shows off lovely detail in the profile and also the cleaning on this door is easy compared to many of the other Kitchen doors!

3. Colour Selection

Popular colour selections in for Hampton Kitchens include light, neutral, and grey tones. Many of our clients like to achieve a neutral and timeless colour scheme to their kitchen renovation in Sydney.

4. Accessories

Hampton Kitchen differs as each Kitchen renovation is unique and personal to each of our clients. For some flutes, protruded kick boards, capping and corbels are a necessity, whereas others decide for their Kitchen renovation that they will just keep the Hampton Kitchen simple yet elegant.

5. Bench top colours

To perfectly work the Hampton Style Kitchen, the bench top is the key factor that will complete the look. Working with either Caesarstone or Quantum Quartz marble look, the Kitchen renovation will transform to a master piece!

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