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Storage Hacks you need to know about

Kitchens are known to be the heart of the home and its no surprise for Kitchens are where we entertain guest, gather together for a meal and spend majority of our time.

As we understand the extensive time spent in a Kitchen, we have always aimed to give customers not only a stunning Kitchen Renovation, but also a functional Kitchen that will ensure the time spent in the Kitchen will be enjoyable.

How do we do this you ask?

1. Giving customers what they need.

Sounds simple doesn't it, but each client is unique and has different objectives whilst doing their kitchen renovation. For those who cook often and use various oils we recommend "Blum Oil Drawer". This option provides clients with adequate storage for their various oils and spices. As for cleaning - this has been thought about and is very easy, there are dip trays located underneath which is hassle free when its time to clean.

Location of this item you ask? Where else but right next to the cooktop. When you are cooking you want to be able to quickly grab your item without having to walk back and forth to the pantry.

2. Solving the old corner door problem.

Are your tired of the corner cabinet? (Don't worry so are we!) We are happy to say that corner cabinets are a thing of the past so you wont have to climb into the the back of that cabinet again!

Solution - LeMan. This is generally used to store tall items such as pots or small appliances because this option provides a lot of height space. It glides so smoothly, you'll love it. Visit our showroom we display this item. This is a must for your Kitchen Renovation.

3. Storage for Chopping Boards

There are various storage options to store your cutlery trays in your new kitchen. Many of the storage designs are quite functional, however the hardware used a small in width and the current trend is to keep the doors uniform in size, so placing a small door will look out of place.

Solution: Locating besides another frequent used item - oils.

4. Affective Storage for small items that can get lost

What better place to store small items than the back of your pantry door. This would be a place that would be alternatively used as air space, so why not put this valuable space to use. This is a must in your Kitchen Renovation - inexpensive yet so effective!

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