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10 Hot Bathroom Trends For 2017

Transforming old bathrooms into personal luxurious space can be a challenging process.

It can be difficult to know what to consider before designing your bathroom.

We have created a list of 10 Hot Bathroom Trends of 2017 to help assist you through what may have seen a complicated process to now a pleasurable one.

1. Slim Line Floating Vanity - Vanities for Bathroom Renovations Sydney

This floating vanity is a must-do in your bathroom renovation. The floating vanity creates a sense of space and openness even with the smallest of bathrooms. It offers the clean, transitional look that so many homeowners and home buyers want in a home today.

2. Mirror Lighting - Mirrors in a Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Mirrors are a necessity. There are an endless number of ways to design a bathroom, from creating a layout to choosing colours and fixtures. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom, creating good lighting in a bathroom is often hard but with these great ideas.

3. Inspired By Nature - Colours for Bathroom Renovation Sydney

There seems to be something universally appealing about a bathroom space which integrates the beauty of the natural world into its design. Incorporating a natural energy into your bathroom will leave you feeling cleaner and more relaxed.

4. Wall Mounted Faucets - Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Small bathrooms have got a clever space-saving trick by simply mounting faucets right onto the wall. This trend looks especially stylish in weathered brass and black finishes against white tile or bold coloured walls.

5.Brass - Current Bathroom Renovation Trends 2017

Whilst creating your bathroom sanctuary, you must consider Brass tap ware! Adding an element of style and warmth your bathroom renovation.

6. Be Bold in your Bathroom Renovation Sydney

7.Free Standing Baths in your Bathroom Renovation Sydney

8.Bring in the furniture in your Bathroom Renovation Sydney

The bathroom usually would not have been where you’d usually considering putting a chair or ottoman or even a couch, but this setup might make you reconsider. If you’ve got the space, why not add a cozy perch where you can paint your nails?

9. Mismatched tiles make for your Bathroom Renovation Sydney

Combining multiple types of tiles promises to be a cool and simple way to get a totally custom bathroom. Pair a monochromatic palette for serious visual impact and play around with layers of subway, hex and square tiles for a cool bathroom makeover.

10. Chandeliers add a touch of class in your Bathroom renovation Sydney

Why is the bathroom always the last room to get all the good stuff? Make 2017 the year you finally give it a lighting makeover. Whether it’s with a glam chandelier or a colorful pendant, a fun light fixture will add major personality to your space.

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