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8 Ways To Make White Walls Work In Your Home

White walls are the blank canvas for creating a stylish and luxury home. If your having trouble trying to find designs and colours that go with you're white walls than you have come to the right place! In this blog we will layout some of the most simple and unique techniques used by our professional interior designers to add that wow factor to your home you have been seeking!

1. Colourful Curtains and Throw Pillows

Curtains and Throw Pillows are an easy solution to a dull living space, Not only do they add a dose of colour to the room they can also theme your space. Bold colours can make your white walls look fresher and draw attention away from unwanted areas while white, off white and beige can soften the rooms overall appearance.

2. Be Bold With Your Furniture!

Choosing a bright and bold couch or coffee table can easily bring up the vibe of a dull white room whether you go cherry red or navy blue a colourful lounge is definitely a must!

3. Textures and Patterns

By incorporating stripes, spots and other patterns and designs into your home you are opening a door of new opportunities for designs, whether its a chevron wall or a trendy wallpaper it can bring your room to life!

4. Add In A Feature Wall

A cute feature wall in your living space can take your home to the next level, The beauty of a feature wall is that you can incorporate colours to match or accent the furniture in that room. You can make it bold with a bright colour or even art paintings and have it accent the features of your room or have it just to contrast the look of the room. Either way its bound to create a vivid vibe!

5. Create A Trendy Wall Mural

There is no better way to brighten up a room than to add some pictures of loved ones, family trips and even your pets, to not only add a homey feel to the area but also incorporate the things that mean most to you into your designs and helps de-clutter those photo albums that are rarely looked at nowadays!

6. Blend Navy and White

Navy and White go together like 2 peas in a pod, they can be the perfect addition to your room and these 2 colours create a very chic look in your home.

7. Bring the Outdoors Inside

By bringing the outdoors inside and incorporating it into every day life it can relax and calm you daily, Plants have a natural element that make you feel calm and relaxed and not only will it make your home unique it is also environment-savvy. Indoor gardens are great for kids and its good to have a place to grow some fresh veggies!

8. Lamps and Chandeliers

A easy fix to a dull room can be by simply adding a few trendy lamps or even a stunning chandelier, while being money friendly most lamp shades are interchangeable so if you get over the look of them you can simply pop a new one on to bring a whole new look into the space without the nitty gritty hard work!

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