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5 Elements To Consider Before Planning A Kitchen Renovation

The Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place everyone comes together to share a meal, to entertain, or simply to kickback to enjoy a glass of wine.

The perfect kitchen renovation is not defined by the look, but rather the design to support your lifestyle. As each client is unique, we have created the 5 most crucial elements to consider before beginning the renovation process. This list might be just what you need to relieve the pressure during the design process, and also be the start of something wonderful.

1. Is the cook left or right handed?

If you are a left handed cook, you will know that most kitchen appliances are designed to suit right handed people which can be difficult and frustrating while trying to use these appliances. Often lefties are uncomfortable if the kitchen is not adapted to their needs and often find themselves having to reach across their body to reach items, but with a few design alterations including, placing the dishwasher on the right of the sink, and locating the microwave to the right hand side of the fridge you will soon find cooking a breeze.

2. How tall is the main cook- small medium or tall

Height in a kitchen makes all the difference. For someone who is short, grabbing a box from the very top shelf can be a hard task. Height factors into a kitchen for many reasons. You may need to sit down and ask yourself what bench top height and depth will suit your needs and help to restrict strain? Are there any physical limitations that need to be factored in to ensure maximum efficiency in your kitchen? - by asking yourself these simple questions your back will be sure to thank you later!

3. How many people will be using the kitchen at the one time and is there often more than one cook?

It is important to think about how many people will be in the kitchen at the once. For example a small walkway in your kitchen will create chaos resulting in spillages, fights and burnt food! Also, the positioning of drawers can conflict with walkways if it is a high traffic area causing bruised shins and bent drawers if place wrong. These are things that need to be considered before approving kitchen designs.

4. Does your lifestyle require special storage?

Whether your meals are inspired from a cook book and herbs and spice are a must, or a glass of wine is a necessity these are the important factors we need to know to ensure we can make your kitchen to suit you. With these little details we can help maximise the storage space, design and layout to suit you and your lifestyle

5.Traditional or Bold?

The key to a great design is to be open-minded about your options for your kitchen. Traditional kitchens were designed with a fairly basic layout between the refrigerator, sink and cook top. Today, people think more laterally about the location of appliances and storage so they can entertain guests at the same time as preparing food. It is important to know what you want to achieve during this renovation.

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