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Kitchen Renovation

When it's time to start planning your new kitchen, it can be a little overwhelming. The team at Artistic Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations know what it takes to guide and assist you throughout the entire project offering more than just cabinets. 

Custom Design 

The perfect kitchen is much more than the finishing touches, the design is a major factor. 

Artistic Kitchens creates kitchen designs custom to each home and to ensure kitchen design is done right, time is allocated to hear from you- to hear about your lifestyle and entertainment needs, to know how often you cook so that adequate storage areas are created, do you require any safety design measures for small children etc. 

3D Drawings 

As part of the kitchen packages, 3D drawings are included in all our packages! Have the relief knowing what your kitchen will look like before it arrives to your door. Click here to see an example of 3D images.

Kitchen Finishes / Colour consulting

Whether you have a good idea what you are after, or would like some assistance the team at Artistic Kitchens are more than happy to help with all your questions. Provided within the kitchen package are colour consulting services which relieve pressure, and guide you towards the right kitchen for your home. The showroom is located at 2/4 Stoddart Road Prospect and offers sample materials where you can touch and feel the products having the confidence knowing exactly what you are getting. No nasty surprises.


Customers often ask questions about the kitchen installer, and the most common question is "how often do your kitchen installers work for you", our answer is "years"! The kitchen installers at Artistic Kitchens are not sub-contractors which means that they work each day. They have the skills and knowledge to install your kitchen flawless, and are happy to answer any question that you may have for them. 


There are various tradespeople that are necessary to undertake in your kitchen renovation, an example of this; plumber, electrician, tiler, gyprocker etc. With the different types of tradespeople that will go through your home it is important that not only these tradespeople offer quality workmanship, but are also respectful people, trustworthy and clean. Artistic Kitchens can proudly say that they have the confidence to work day to day with the same tradespeople and as a result have created a great team. 

Project Management 

The kitchen is the most used room in each house, and therefore we understand how important it is to renovate your new kitchen in the quickest time frame. To guarantee a quick time frame we have allocated staff to project manage your kitchen renovation. One staff member is allocated to you, and you have the flexibility to call, email or text them as often as required with any question. 

Included in our Turn Key package:

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Designs done by experienced and qualified H.I.A Kitchen designers 

Colour Consulations included in packages

3D Drawings to help visualise your new kitchen

Personalised schedule by an easy to contact project manager

Reliable, trustworthy, diverse and licensed tradespeople eg. plumber, electrician

Kitchen installers with cabinet making qualifications 

Information booklet to assisst with every aspect of your renovation

7 Year warranty on your new kitchen

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

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